Supporters-Club Newtork

Frequently Asked Questions

How many accounts can I open?

You can open as many as four(4) accounts if you have the money to pay. You just need to keep good record of your usernames, and you need to be able to pay if you are matched to pay.

Can I get paid in 24 hours?

Absolutely! It depends on how fast the system grows, and the seriousness of the person who was matched to pay you.

Do I get gain for referral?

There is no referral bonus. But if you invite people, you increase your chances of being matched to receive payment, so you make it easier and quicker to get matched. The functionality of the system leverages on the growth of the system and the willingness of paid participants to restart the cycle.

What if I mistakenly confirm a person?

We have tried to avoid this scenario by providing a verification option. so before confirmation, check the username that you are confirming to be completely sure. Once you confirm a username(person), it cannot be reversed or unconfirmed.

What if my downline does not pay after 48 hours?

The system automatically sets you up for a rematch. If the person pays before the rematch is done? You can still confirm him/her.

How long will it take to get a rematch?

If a person is matched to pay you, and fails to pay within the stipulated time(48 hours), then you will be set up for a rematch.

Can I pay more than N7,000?

The maximum amount is N7,000 naira, and the minimum is N7,000. If you want to make more gain, you can restart the cycle. There are no new levels, or upgrades.

Can I open more than one account with the same name?

You can open more than one account with the same bank details and email and phone, but the username for each account must be unique (different).

Is it legit? Is it worth the risk?

A trial will convince you. But as you know, every business venture has a certain amount of risk.

If you have further questions, you can send us a message