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How we operate

Supporters-club works with a very simple and transparent technique. In our system, you provide financial support of seven thousand naira (N7,000) to a member, and the system automatically pairs you up with three other participants who will pay you seven thousand naira each, which sums up to twenty-one thousand (N21,000) naira. So you make three times the amount you invest, all within 5 minutes to 7 Days!. In supporters-club, we keep track of time and date of matching/pairing.
A person matched to pay you has a period of forty-eight hours to make the payment and be confirmed. If they don't pay within this time, the system automatically sets you up for a rematch. Within a short while, based on the number of participants joining the system and requesting to provide support, you will be given a new person who will pay you. Our system provides a fully automated matching and rematching system, and a reliable database. With this, there will not be any site upgrade, or database update, which usually leads to crashing.

we work together and support each other

Continuity of the Process

Each user operates in a series of stages:

  1. 1. You provide support (pay your upline)
  2. 2. Your upline confirms that you have paid him/her
  3. 3. You are matched to receive financial support (from 3 downlines)
  4. 4. Confirm payment of your supporters (downlines)

After completion of these four steps, and smiling home from the bank, you can widen your smile even further, because we give you an extra option. You can request that you want to provide financial support again, and restart the cycle. It is not mandatory or compulsory. It is optional. How do you do this? It's very simple. On completion of the cycle, you are provided a button, with which you can request to provide support again. Just click on this button, and the cycle will be restarted. You can do this as many times as you want. It is recommended that you do this, for continuity of the system and for your own financial gain.

Account Management and Operation

In our system, to maximize the flexibility and profitability, we make use of a unique username for the identification and handling of each user account. What this means is that each account is managed using a user-specified username. That means you cannot have two accounts with the same username, but you can have multiple accounts sharing a single detail. For example, you can have two accounts sharing the same email address or bank details. This technique allows you to make more profit, which is the primary aim of our club. We want our members (you) to smile from the bank. We want to support you financially, so that you can have enough money to take care of your needs. Join us, and we will support you to reach your financial goal.

we will help to grow your money

We will help you grow your money

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