Supporters-Club Network

Supporters-Club Network is the Online Networking Business in Nigeria that aims to support its members financially by providing a simple and fully automated matching and rematching system. The beauty of our system lies in the simplicity and transparency with which we operate. Many other systems have come and gone, leaving trails of tears and loss. But we are different. We are here to stay. We are here to help you make the money you have always desired. You just have to take that opportunity today.

This is our philosophy. In helping others, you are also helping yourself.

Pay N7,000 and get paired with 3 people who will pay you N7,000 each, within a maximum of 7 days. For a detailed explanation, see our
how it works page.

Our sole aim and goal is to help you grow your money. The only requirement for success in this group is serious-mindedness. We and our members mean business. If you are matched to pay a person, you are advised to pay as quickly as possible. We do not want people who will be matched to pay and will fail to pay. We want serious-minded people. If you are not ready to provide support to a member, we strongly recommend that you do NOT join our club, or request to provide support.

grow your money
If you work with us, we will help you to grow your money.

Benefits of Working with us
  1. 1. You get 300% percent of your investment
  2. 2. Automated timely matching
  3. 3. Automatic Rematching
  4. 4. No site upgrade or update
  5. 5. Payment is done within 48 hours
  6. 6. The cycle is continuous
  7. 7. Multiple accounts can be created with similar user details
  8. For better explanation, see our how it works page.


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